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NIWS offers a life-changing course for all the aspirants in Delhi who dream big. Our stock market course is like a golden ticket to making big money. It's simple, practical, and right here in your neighbourhood.

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 Ready to Make Big Money in the Stock Market

Why Choose NIWS Stock Market Course?

1. Easy to Understand: We teach you all about the share market, futures and options market, commodity market and currency/forex market in a super easy way. There is no confusing jargon, just clear, simple lessons.

2. Real Money-Making Skills:  You'll learn unique ideas to trade in Intraday, Swing trade, Short-term delivery, Futures and options that actually work. This isn’t just book stuff; it’s about making real money in the real world.

3. Join the Club of Millionaires: Many of our students are making serious cash. They started just like you, and now they’re hitting it big.

4. More Than Just Basics: We go deep but keep it simple. This course is different from regular technical analysis because our studies are based on logic & easy mathematical formulas with special emphasis on fundamental data, news and event analysis, and are used by countless successful traders, Brokers, and Fund Managers



What Will You Learn

1.The course will get you qualified for trading in Equity and Stock Market.

2.The course will get you fit for trading in Futures & Options.

3.The course will make you suitable for trading in the Commodity & Forex Market

4.The course includes elementary to advanced-level Technical Analysis

5.The course includes primary to advanced-level Fundamental Analysis

6.The course comprises both Options Basic Strategies and Advanced Greeks

7.Skillful teachers with international experience will give comprehensive theoretical and practical training for trading

8.You can research, analyses& trade in any Indian and International Market.

9.Get the support of online tutorial videos if required.

10.We help you to open a Demat Account with Free ODIN Software if required

11.You can join our previous student’s, investor’s, trader’s and expert’s community on WhatsApp.

12.Personnel support in future if required.


Course Details

Duration: 4 Month 

Certifications Recognized in Delhi: 

70% - 80% practical

Case studies

Virtual trading and offline trading



Best Stock Market Career Oriented Courses

Course For Investors

Course For Stock Market Traders

Pro. Elliott Wave


Pro. Elliott Wave

Course Duration : 6 Month

Fee: Rs 60,000 (In Installments)

W.D. Gann


W.D. Gann

Course Duration : 2 Month

Fee: Rs 40,000 (In Installments)

Harmonic Trading Course


Harmonic Trading Course

Course Duration : 2 Month

Fee: Rs 60,000 (In Installments)

Neo wave


Neo wave

Course Duration : 6 Month

Fee: Rs 125000 (In Installments)

Stock Market Course FAQS


Q. 1 What is the fees of stock market course in Delhi?


Ans: Depends on what duration of course you choose.


Q. 2 I’m a professional; can I shift my career to stock market?


Ans: Yes, professionals can shift their career to the stock market. NIWS offers courses that cater to both beginners and experienced professionals.


Q. 3 How can I pay the fee?


Ans: You can pay with cash, UPI, and Net banking 


Q. 4 Do you provide a demo class?


Ans: Yes, NIWS provides a 1-day demo class for interested individuals. This is a great opportunity to experience their teaching style and course content firsthand, helping you make an informed decision about enrolling in their stock market courses.


Q. 5 Who will take classes?


Ans: NIWS's faculty consists of experienced professionals in share trading, investment, and portfolio management. However, specific names or qualifications of the instructors are not listed.


Q. 6 I am doing a job, what timing will suit me?


Ans: Job professionals can enroll in early morning batches or they can join weekend classess. 


Q. 7 What if I miss any class?


Ans: You can ask for notes from your batchmates or if you join online course then we will provide you backup classes. 


Q. 8 Is there any weekend classes?


Ans: Yes, weekend classes are ideal for job professionals and business mans.


Q. 9 Do I need to bring a laptop to the class?


Ans: We provide computer systems to all the students into our practical sessions. 


Q. 10  Will you provide study material also?


Ans: The mentor will help you to prepare notes in the classroom.


Q. 11 Would you provide any certificate of the course?


Ans: Yes we provide Diploma Certification from NIWS


Q. 12 Which stock market course is best?


Ans: It depends how much you want to learn, our recommendation is “PFMM” 6 Month Program in Financial Market Management”



Earn 10+ Valid Stock Market Certifications

Candidate will get certification from NIWS for the course. Candidate can also enrol at

 NSE NCFM/SEBI NISM for Technical, Fundamental Analysis and Options Strategy NCFM Exam after this course.



Popular Jobs after Stock Market Courses


•  Stock broker

•  Equity trader  

•  Equity analyst

•  Investment consultant

•  Financial analyst


Why Learn Stock Market Trading In India in 2024

A stock market trading course for 2024 will help you:


•  Understand the fundamentals of the stock market.

•  Learn to use charts, indicators, patterns, trends, and signals to identify the best trading opportunities. 

•  Develop your trading style and strategy.

•  Learn how to protect your capital and maximise your profits.


Also, India's stock market offers a plethora of opportunities for traders to invest in the growth and development of the country and its industries


•  According to the International Monetary Fund, India's GDP is projected to grow by 6.3% in 2024, the highest among the major economies. India's growth will likely boost the companies' and stock market's performance and profitability, creating favourable conditions for traders to capitalise on market trends and movements. 


•  India also has a thriving startup ecosystem, with over 111 unicorns and startups valued at over $349 billion. India's digital revolution is also enhancing the accessibility and affordability of the stock market, as more and more people can trade online using various platforms and apps.


•  India is witnessing a demographic dividend, with a large and young population of 1.2 billion aspirational, educated, and entrepreneurial people. India's young population is likely to drive the demand and growth of the stock market and the innovation and diversification of the products and services offered.






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Joining the Stock Trading course in Delhi at NIWS is like setting yourself up for a future where you’re the boss of your money. You’ll learn how to play the stock market game and win. 


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Answer- NIWS is one the pioneer institute in Delhi for stock market course with practical experience in Trading in our in-house proprietary desk. Our students get live exposure in technical analysis courses with hands- on experience with big capital high frequency trading. It helps the students to learn money and risk management.

Answer- Yes, you can get financial freedom by joining stock market course in Delhi. You can gain decent income on your capital by trading in stock market

Answer- Yes, NIWS will provide 100% placement in diploma courses in stock market with top broking house and International MNC banks

You can get placement in stock broking and research house after pursuing stock market course from Delhi NIWS.

You can get placement as investment advisor, technical and fundamental research analyst, algo trader, data analyst, relationship manager.

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