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Core team

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    Mr. Umesh Sharma,

    MBA having 15 years of experience Banking and Financial markets with expertise in marketing, administration, sales and training. He is working as head of business development, marketing operations and wealth management in NIWS. He always innovates new ideas with positive attitude and long term vision which makes him a key asset to the team NIWS. He is of firm belief that one can achieve the goals by ethics, integrity and passion.

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    Mr. Ajay Gaur,

    Chartered Accountant with over 9 years of experience in Tax, Audit, Consulting to Corporates, Investment and Tax planning to corporates and Individuals. He is working as Consultant and a key faculty member for Fundamental Valuations and Financial Modelling. His experience and expertise at NIWS makes him a valuable asset for the growth of organisation.

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    Mr. Deepak Sharma,

    Masters in Economics with Certificate in Performance Measurement and Risk Analytics and Structured Derivatives Product having more than 15 years of experience in International and Domestic BFSI segment with experience in Dealing, Investment, Training, Wealth Management, Performance Measurement and Risk Analytics of Sovereign and Pension funds. He is working as Head Faculty/Consultant at NIWS.

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    Mrs. Gargi Sharma,

    MCA with 11 years of experience in Banking with expertise in sales, marketing, administration and counselling. She is working as head of HR, Administration and Educational Institutional Consulting which makes her an asset for Core Team NIWS and organisation to achieve future growth.

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    Abhay Mehrotra,

    Highly collaborative Entrepreneurial Trader & Technical Analyst with 15 Years of experience trading with in financial markets.

    Area of Expertise Includes Neo wave /Elliot Wave Analysis , Wolfe Wave , Harmonic Patterns, Classical Chart Patterns, Gann Time & Price Analysis ,Time Triangulation analysis , Andrew Pitch Fork , Swing Trading, Positional Trading, Risk Management, Forecasting /Market Trend Analysis .Technically savvy ,proficient in real time charting software and a variety of trading platforms.

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