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Harmonic trading takes geometric price patterns to the next level by utilizing Fibonacci numbers to pinpoint precise turning points, setting it apart from other trading methods by predicting future movements.


  • Trends in harmonic trading are considered harmonic phenomena, subdividing into waves that predict price direction.
  • Fibonacci sequences, such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, and so on, create technical indicators used in this approach. 
  • Popular harmonic patterns include the Gartley, bat, and crab.


Scott Carney, who coined the term "Harmonic Trading," popularized using Fibonacci ratios and patterns over the past three decades. He defined patterns such as the Bat, Gartley, 5-0, Shark, and Crab and developed strategies like RSI BAMM, 38.2% Trailing Stop, and Potential Reversal Zone.

Enhance your trading skills with our harmonic trading course in Jaipur. This stock market course in Jaipur covers the essential techniques and strategies to master harmonic trading, providing a competitive edge in the financial markets. Learn to predict market movements precisely and become a proficient trader with our expert-led training program. Enrol now and take the first step towards becoming a successful harmonic trader.


    • Core Principles of Harmonic Trading

      • Understand the fundamental concepts that underpin harmonic trading strategies.
    • Fibonacci Numbers

      • Learn the significance of Fibonacci numbers and how they are used in harmonic trading.
    • Pattern Identification

      • Master the techniques for identifying key harmonic patterns in the market.
    • The AB=CD Pattern

      • Study the AB=CD pattern, a basic yet crucial harmonic pattern for traders.
    • The Bat Pattern

      • Explore the Bat pattern and its implications for market entry and exits.
    • The Gartley Pattern

      • Analyze the Gartley pattern, one of the most reliable harmonic patterns.
    • The Crab Pattern

      • Learn about the Crab pattern, known for its precision and profitability.
    • The Ideal Butterfly Pattern

      • Understand the Ideal Butterfly pattern and how to trade it effectively.
    • Trade Execution

      • Develop skills for executing trades based on harmonic patterns.
    • Advanced Harmonic Trading Execution Strategies

      • Implement advanced strategies for maximizing trading success using harmonic patterns.
    • Price Action in the Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ)

      • Identify and analyze price action within the PRZ to predict market reversals.
    • Pattern Invalidation

      • Learn criteria for pattern invalidation to avoid false signals.
    • Harmonic Impulse Waves

      • Study harmonic impulse waves and their role in market trends.
    • Advanced Harmonic Patterns

      • Dive into more complex harmonic patterns for enhanced trading accuracy.
    • Combining Harmonic Patterns with Traditional Technical Analysis

      • Integrate harmonic patterns with traditional technical analysis methods for a comprehensive trading strategy.


Graduates can pursue roles such as:

  • Banking Sector: Financial Analysts and Market Strategists.
  • Stock Market Roles: Dealers, Sub-Brokers, Relationship Managers, Stock Brokers, Investment Consultants, Portfolio Managers, Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Treasury Managers, Researchers.
  • Traders and Investors: Enhancing personal trading strategies.
  • Senior Research Analyst: Specialized roles in market analysis and research.


     What Will You Get?

  • Become a certified Harmonic Wave Theory Technical Analyst.
  • Assistance in getting a job as a Senior Technical Analyst or Research Analyst



  • General Admission: Minimum 10+2 (HSC) education.
  • Advanced Roles: Graduates eligible for NCFM Certification and roles as Senior Research Analysts.

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