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Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory

Ralph Nelson Elliott, born on July 28, 1871, in Maryville, Kansas, was the originator of the Elliott Wave Theory. After working various jobs, he dedicated himself to studying the U.S. stock market's behaviour, resulting in the publication of "The Wave Principle" in 1935. Elliott proposed that stock market trends follow predictable, natural laws that are measurable using Fibonacci ratios. Robert Prechter and A.J. Frost further popularized his work in the 1970s.

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    Lesson 1: Introduction to the Wave Principle

    • Basic tenets and the five-wave pattern.
    • Understanding the essential design.

    Lesson 2: Complete Cycle Details

    • Wave analysis and function.

    Lesson 3: Motive Waves

    • Impulse, extension, truncation.

    Lesson 4: Diagonal Triangles

    • Ending and leading diagonals.

    Lesson 5: Zigzags

    • Corrective waves (5-3-5).

    Lesson 6: Flats

    • Corrective waves (3-3-5).

    Lesson 7: Triangles

    Lesson 8: Corrective Combinations

    • Double and triple threes.

    Lesson 9: Guideline of Alternation

    • Alternation within waves.

    Lesson 10: Forecasting Corrective Waves

    • Depth and behaviour of corrective waves.

    Lesson 11: Channeling

    • Wave equality and channelling techniques.

    Lesson 12: More Guidelines

    • Scale, volume, and "the right look".

    Lesson 13: Wave Personality

    Lesson 14: Practical Application

    • Real-world application of principles.

    Lesson 15: Introducing Fibonacci

    • Historical and mathematical background.

    Lesson 16: Ratio Analysis

    • Retracements and wave multiples.

    Lesson 17: Applied Ratio Analysis

    Lesson 18: Combining Elliott Wave with Traditional Technical Analysis


  • Bankers
  • Dealers, Sub-brokers, Relationship Managers
  • Stock Brokers, Investment Consultants, Portfolio Managers
  • Wealth Managers, Treasury Managers, Researchers
  • Traders & Investors
  • Senior Research Analysts



  • Certified Elliott Wave Theory Technical Analyst: Enhance your professional credentials.
  • Job Assistance: Support in securing roles as Senior Technical Analyst or Research Analyst.


  • Minimum Qualification: 10+2 (HSC)
  • Technical Analysis Knowledge: Basic knowledge is recommended but not mandatory.
  • NCFM Certification: Required for certification and job placement as a Senior Research Analyst.

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