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    R.N. Elliott

    Ralph Nelson Elliott was the originator of the Elliott wave theory.


    He was born as a U.S. citizen on July 28, 1871, in Maryville, Kansas, United States. In his youth, he was employed variously as a telegraph operator, stenographer, train dispatcher, station agent lineman at the height of America's railroad boom. He entered the accounting field in the mid 1890s. He spent the next six years of his life in New York City as a restaurant accountant and meanwhile became familiar with the Wall Street area.


    In 1930, he moved to California. He took to studying charts of the major market indices to occupy his time as he recovered from his illness. It was about this time that he decided to dedicate himself to the study of the behavior of the U.S. Stock Market.



    Elliott organized his research into an essay that he titled "The Wave Principle" which was published in book form in 1935. in it, Elliott advocated that, although stock market trends may appear random and unpredictable, they actually follow predictable, natural laws and can be measured and predicted using Fibonacci ratios



    Elliott  final major work isNature's Law --The Secret of the Universe, which was published in June 1946, two years before his death.

    Elliott Wave Theory was popularized in the seventies by Robert Prechter and A.J.Frost with their book " Elliott Wave Principle"


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