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Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

Umesh Sharma 6 Aug 2020

When you are on the internet there are lots of things available. For example funny videos, memes, blogs, viral videos sometimes irritating stuff like ads, pictures etc.

Do you ever have a wish to do like these? 

If your answer is yes then congratulations you have made your career path and it is a career in digital marketing.

Now a question arises what is the scope of Digital Marketing?


Why Digital Marketing


  • This field is progressive. Technology is developing every day and you also have to update your skills into digital marketing with upcoming trends. With these formulas, your career keeps growing by the time.


  • All know these days the world is going into the digital era. All companies have their digital presence that's why these companies create a lot of career opportunities.


  • If you are doing this you have various career options. For example, if you love writing you can go for a content marketer. If you are creative enough, you can go for social media marketing.


  • There is research stating that digital Marketing is growing 10x faster compared to traditional marketing. Those companies are online, they are already generated 10 times more than others and also generating more job opportunities in the market.


  • There is no time limit. Like 9.00 to 5.00 job scenarios. This will make you your own boss. You can work according to your time availability or can work as a freelancer.


Major Job roles available in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Executive:

This is the first job role you can apply for seeking an internship or start your career in digital marketing. In this job role, you execute your strategy, learn from them, and get desired results. This is a mixed job profile where you have to crush yourself in different segments. For example, toward your business goals you to optimize your search engine work on social media, and sometime you will write content too or you will play with ad segments. In India, this is a topmost job profile where companies hire and people get hired.

Social Media Executive:

This job fascinates you at first sight if you like social media but this is not like uploading pictures on Instagram or tweeting on twitter. There is more to do in it. As a social media executive, you are required to be up to date about the latest trends going on. Sometimes this is not necessary if something got viral on Instagram also got viral on twitter.its all have to understand as social media executives. You have to plan your strategy according to your coordinator or your team, your client on every single day. Creating quality content, Video. Color psychology is also part of your job. In-depth knowledge about all social media platforms are required according to their nature.

Seo Executive:

A well-designed website will be of no use if there is no traffic on the website. Now this is role for a Seo Executive. An Seo executives are responsible for getting traffic not your website and get visibility on the Web. They also improve the company's ranking over search engines. They make sure that the content which is available on the website is friendly to search,already done in-depth keyword research, Seo Tools, etc.

PPC/Search Engine marketer:

Here is the job role for a search engine marketer if we talk about those useful or sometimes irritating ads. These ads are created by these people. They generate instant leads at a very low cost that's why there are huge requirements in markets for PPC/ Search engine professionals marketer. As PPC/ Search engine experts their job responsibility is to manage PPC keywords. Their ads group, landing pages, generate reports day by day and manage ad copies and graphics, etc

Website Developer & Designer:

They are the people behind that attractive website that is available on the internet. The web designer and web developer are their own significance but if it's come to the web developer is specific as develop website and web site designer design a website and it comes to a lot of things. As website developers/designers they are responsible for a website user interface, their modification making it user friendly. As a website developer/designer you should have knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, and web programming.if you are not having knowledge of Coding you can still develop a website on WordPress and become a WordPress website specialist.

Content Marketer:

If you are born a writer or you are thinking that you are writing a better as available on another web page, this job role is for you only. The job responsibility of a content marketer is to create good and unique content, coordinate with other team content has to be qualified to go viral, promoted as an SEO version, and follow the latest trends. At last but not least as a content marketer you should have good knowledge of the English language so that you can play with the word in a creative way.


Manager Role:

After 3 to 5-year work experience, there are a couple of managerial job roles available where people can apply ei Digital marketing manager, social media manager, SEO manager. Sometimes people get promoted for this job role, It may depend on the company and the candidate. As a manager, your responsibility is to handle a team, work with coordination, and work on a proper strategy where the company can get more ROI.


Other Job Role:

Apart from the mentioned above designation or job role, there are many more jobs available in industries. It all depends on the company or their requirements. Some of them are mentioning below.


  • E-Commerce Manager

  • Email Marketer

  • Web Analytics Specialist

  • Marketing Analysis

  • Media Planner

  • Copywriter And Editor

Earnings of a Digital Marketer:

So here are the answers to the most expected question about earnings. See the salary always vary according to the company, their norms and the job role you have applied for. 


  1. The average starting salary can be in the range of 2.7 to 4.5 lakh per Annum.
  2. As per your skills and expertise an experienced professional with experience the average salary can be in the range of 4.2 to 7.5 Lakh per annum.
  3. A seasoned professional with expert knowledge and experience of 3 to 5 years can have an earning up to 10 to 12 lakh

How do you can Start?

There is no special degree available to get into digital marketing but some of the certifications are definitely available. If you are planning to do this you can start with theses certification so that you can stand out from others.

For the certification, you have to go through with some examination and for the examination, you have to learn digital marketing.

We also have a training program for Masters in digital marketing classes you can check out our modules and earn 10+ certification.

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