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    Neo Wave is Advance form of Elliot wave developed By Glenn Neely .

    The three core elements of Elliott Wave are:

    • the Fibonacci number series
    • pattern recognition
    • the Golden ratio (.618)

    All three elements have a "forecasting" or "anticipatory" aspect, in which the analyst is expecting the market to move up or down a certain number of "waves", which adhere to a predictable design and have specific relationships. (Note, the concept of "waves" was not objectively defined in any literature until the release Mastering Elliott Wave in 1990)

    The three core elements of NEOWave are:

    1. Logic (e.g., a strong correction must yield a powerful move),
    2. Self-defining price/time limits (e.g., a smaller degree pattern cannot take more time and price than a larger degree pattern), and
    3. Self-Confirmation (i.e., the market's post-pattern behavior determines whether your prior structural analysis was correct).

    All three NEOWave elements have a "back-casting" or "reactionary" aspect, where the analyst is making sure (after the fact) a pattern did not take too much or too little time, that it was not too complex or too simple, and that post-pattern price action achieved the minimum movement required to confirm the prior pattern

    Glenn Neely's Elliott Wave analysis techniques offer a logical, scientific, and objective approach to Wave forecasting – a proven approach that results in more accurate forecasts.


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