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Concept of Investment & Financial Planning

Concept of Investment & Financial Planning

Concept of Investment & Financial Planning

Umesh Sharma 6 Jul 2019

Money Earned – Money Spent = Savings  (converted)       Wealth 

(Market Dependent)                                         investment


The gap to convert Savings into Wealth is called Investment (Independent of Market).


Saving is a component of many variables. However, Investment depends on three important factors:

1: Future Goals and Objectives

2: Ability to take risk (depending on income/age)

3: Time to attain Goals


A person Goals and Objectives are important and hence Investment need to be done based on careful planning and how much need to be invested in each asset class should be aligned and prioritized based on the above-mentioned parameters.

Longer the time frame of your goals more is your risk-taking ability and hence the asset allocation in risky assets (equity, real estate) during initial tenure would be more and realigned later gradually in fixed income instrument as per your goal so as to reduce the risk when your goal is near.

Once the allocation is done than the next step is to revisit the portfolio and need to be realigned and benchmarked based on Return, Risk and Liquidity profile.

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