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National Institute of Wall Street (NIWS) is one of the pioneer institute for the Stock Market Course in Delhi. We have been consistently growing with a wide variety of Stock Market Course in Delhi for students who want to pursue career and job placement in Stock Market broking firms as an Investment Advisor, Technical and Fundamental Analyst. We have experienced veteran professional faculty with vast experience of 15 – 20 years in the International and Domestic stock market, which mentor students with practical and live sessions in technical analysis and option strategies for Stock Market Trading.

Certification Course

National Institute of Wall Street (NIWS) have received tremendous response for stock market courses from our students. They are doing exceptionally good be in their investment and trading in the stock market. It gives immense pleasure and makes NIWS proud of our students warm response. We offer concise, tailored stock market courses for students with diverse fraternities for job and career growth, stock market trading, investment, and portfolio management. NIWS students get real-time mentoring in stock market trading with live sessions of technical analysis and option strategies in our in-house proprietary desk, which give them the skill of risk management and position sizing for stock market trading. The student response and positive review for such sessions fueling their passion for finance is our enigma of the success story.

“Stock Market is Fire, Tools, Rules and Strategy Are Gasoline for Stock Market Trading.”

Best Stock Market Career Oriented Courses

Course For Investors

Course For Stock Market Traders

Pro. Elliott Wave


Pro. Elliott Wave

Course Duration : 6 Month

Fee: Rs 60,000 (In Installments)

W.D. Gann


W.D. Gann

Course Duration : 2 Month

Fee: Rs 40,000 (In Installments)

Harmonic Trading Course


Harmonic Trading Course

Course Duration : 2 Month

Fee: Rs 60,000 (In Installments)

Neo wave


Neo wave

Course Duration : 6 Month

Fee: Rs 125000 (In Installments)

Additional Information About Stock Market Course In Delhi-

It is a palace where the shares of different companies have been listed on major stock exchanges, which can be traded easily by any investors. Hence the term stock is popularly known as equity which represents the ownership stake in the company. For the improvement of the nation's economy, the proper working stock market takes a crucial part. However because for this reason, companies get easy access to raising the funds and capitals

Entering into secondary company needs to sell or Introduce its shares for the first time in the primary market in the term of Initial Public Offering (IPO). Once a company takes place in the secondary market then the shares of that company can be easily traded at the current market price or at the price where both sellers and buyers agree. By the regular authority, the secondary market and stock exchange are monitored. Security Board Exchange of India (SEBI) is the regulator body for the Indian stock exchange or for the Indian stock market.

It is possible to purchase the stocks of different sectors or companies. Buying the stocks of different companies' sectors helps to make investment portfolios diversified and enhance the allocation of assets. Investing in stocks is quite risky in comparison to investing in other investment types, hence investing in the stock market fascinates the attention of huge profits and losses of various investors. If you are willing to invest in the stock market then first you have to check your risk-taking capacity and perhaps you are ready to take risks on your investment money then you keep your investment on the track of the stock market and make your financial career safe.

One can get the opportunity to increase your money in the short term duration is one of the foremost benefits of the stock market. The value of your investment will increase continuously once you invest in the stock market, even though at the time of shares price increasing or decreasing precisely. It is advisable to invest in companies that gain steady growth because those companies are able to grow your invested capital and make you able to earn profits over time.

There are some kinds of shares which distributed the income on the basis of dividends. The instalments appear in any event when stocks have lost their worth and address pay at the highest point of any benefits, which at last

comes from selling the stock. For retirement funds received dividend amount can be paid off which helps to increase the portfolio of investment.

An individual can get the multiformity benefits of the stock market by investing in serval types of stock market products. From other types of investment available in the market such as real estate, bonds investing in the stock market is completely different from them thats why joining the stock market course in Delhi will help you invest in the stock market in the right manner.

Whare Are The Different Career Opportunities In Stock Market?

For building your job career stock market is an emerging place. The stock market business is regularly expanding, and various startups are establishing themselves in the stock market. Becoming an entrepreneur is also a creative and attractive opportunity for the stock market. Starting your stock brokering firm is relatively easy compared to opening a new startup business.

Need of Education And Eligibility Criteria

Enrolling in a stock market course in Delhi does not need to relate to any specific background. Making a career in the stock market for science, commerce and fine arts students is also possible. By being self-disciplined and motivated, one can join the stock market and enjoy its growth of the stock market.

Career Opportunities In Stock Market

• At Beginners Level: Relationship Manager, Dealer And Equity Advisor

• At Middle Level: Technical Analyst and Technical Analyzer, Fundamental Analyst, and Senior Research Analyst

• At The Level of Entrepreneurship: Broking-Up and Broking Services, Consultant Services, Self Investment and Financial Advisor.

Why to Choose us For Stock Market Course in Delhi

    • Experienced Veteran Professionals: NIWS have experienced faculty with decades of professional expertize in stock market under their belt which impart quality practical sessions in live Market

    • 100 % Placement: NIWS provides 100% place to our student in Career Oriented course in Stock Market with leading stock broking firms and International MNC Banks with very good salary packages in Investment Advisory, Research and Portfolio Management, Data Analytics.

    • Guest Lecture Seminars from Industry Veteran Professionals: NIWS special emphasis on practical training with current industry trends and updates in stock market course. Our guest seminars from industry professionals give live updates to our students about the latest trends and new products in the financial and stock market. NIWS students are thereby well versed with current updates and that makes them a valuable skilled resource from day one for an organisation.

    • Personality Development: Students who pursue Stock Market Course in Delhi NIWS get special training for personality development, communication skills, and grooming to be well prepared for their job to interact with clients for stock market trading and investment. Practical exposure in the live market and extra emphasis on grooming help them get speed pace growth in their career.

    • Live Trading sessions from Research Analyst: We believe in practical tailor-made courses for traders who pursue Stock Market Course in Delhi with rules, tools, and strategies and special focus on money and risk management. Live sessions provide live insight about risk and position sizing, which is the key for Stock Market Trading. National Institute of Wall Street (NIWS) is one of the best Institute for Stock Market Master Trader Program as our students get live sessions in our in-house trading desk.

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Answer- NIWS is one the pioneer institute in Delhi for stock market course with practical experience in Trading in our in-house proprietary desk. Our students get live exposure in technical analysis courses with hands- on experience with big capital high frequency trading. It helps the students to learn money and risk management.

Answer- Yes, you can get financial freedom by joining stock market course in Delhi. You can gain decent income on your capital by trading in stock market

Answer- Yes, NIWS will provide 100% placement in diploma courses in stock market with top broking house and International MNC banks

You can get placement in stock broking and research house after pursuing stock market course from Delhi NIWS.

You can get placement as investment advisor, technical and fundamental research analyst, algo trader, data analyst, relationship manager.

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