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Career in Financial Markets

Career in Financial Markets

Career in Financial Markets

Umesh Sharma 23 Jul 2020

Financial Market is the highest employment creating and facts growing sector in India. Financial markets are something which is very fascinating these days for youngsters.

The sector contributes 35% weightage in NIFTY 50 which is India’s leading benchmark. 

A Career in Finance is very lucrative and rewarding with a very decent salary package and exciting bonuses and lucrative incentives. 

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Guys Trust me it’s all about managing money which never sleeps

Sounds Interesting?

Now Finance professionals in this sector deal with capital markets, derivatives, debt instruments, Investment Banking, portfolio management, hedge funds, mutual funds, and insurance.

Finance is all about managing money and the financial market provides a platform and helps inflow of capital from one user to another or multiple stakeholders.

It employs young and ambitious people who have a decent knowledge of economics, accounting and valuations, market dynamics, and have the ability to analyze market data, interprets news, and micro/macro-economic events.


If you are in the age of 20s and pursuing Graduation, looking for a career change in the financial market has tremendous opportunities for freshers, experienced seasoned professionals. All said and done there is no age limit for learning. Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

An entry-level professional who wants to make a career in the Financial service industry needs to be a minimum graduate to work in corporate banks and blue-chip Broking and Investment banking Companies. Further, he should have knowledge about financial market products and its application to Trading, Investment, Financial Planning, Wealth, and Risk Management.

The entry-level career path would be as in Financial Advisor, Research intern or Data Analytics, Investment Advisory, and gradually can scale the ladder based on his skills and expertise. 

The perks and incentives are exciting and very rewarding and all we can say is the most lucrative white-collar jobs in the job industry. 

The finance professionals are in huge demand and millions of job opportunities are available in the Finance Industry in India given the fact that we are one of the fastest-growing economies of the world. 

A finance professional having rich experience and expertise can have opportunities in international markets with leading global banks and financial service segments.


Career Opportunities in Financial Service Industry:

When it comes to career opportunities there are lots of segments and job roles are available in the financial market according to your Qualification and work experience where you can start your career or change your career.

We are mentioning below some of the career segments where you can start with as an


  1. Investment Advisor

  2. Portfolio Management

  3. Wealth Management

  4. Research Analyst

  5. Technical Analyst

  6. Fundamental Analyst

  7. Derivatives Strategist

  8. Investment Banking

  9. Private Equity Analyst

  10. Financial Data Analyst


How Much you will earn?

Well, So here we came to the most anticipated question.

The salary majorly depends on your Qualification. What kind of paper/Degree/certification you are putting on the recruiter table.

Let's take an example if an undergraduate comes for a job role he will definitely get less than a graduate and a graduate gets less then a post-graduate. now If you have some extra Certification NCFM, NISM, you will definitely get extra exposure.

So now I am giving you a general idea as to what you can expect.

Role Salary in Rupee/Annum
Investment Advisor 3.00 Lakh to 4 lakh
Portfolio Management 4.5 Lakh to 6.5 lakh
Wealth Management 5.00 Lakh to 6.00 lakh
Research Analyst 4.00 Lakh to 6 lakh
Technical Analyst 4.5 Lakh to 6.5 lakh
Fundamental Analyst 5.5 Lakh to 6.5 lakh
Derivatives Strategist 4.00 Lakh to 6 lakh
Investment Banking 5.5.00 Lakh to 6 lakh
Private Equity Analyst 3.00 Lakh to 4 lakh
Financial Data Analyst 3.00 Lakh to 4 lakh


Once you know about the career growth in the financial market then make your future bright by joining the NIWS, Best Stock Market Institute In Delhi

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