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Master in Digital Marketing


According to digital market intelligence, the global digital marketing market size as of 2019 was $300–310 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.6 percent to $360–380 billion by 2020.

Digital marketing is hip and happening given the fact of internet access available to more than 50 crore users in India. It can leverage marketing efforts with the use of an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Print and Electronic Media spends in marketing are out unless you have a lot of money.

Are you getting an effective business and customer base for your marketing spends? Figure it out.

How to add creative fizz to your marketing campaign.

Designed by industry experts, it aims to make you an effective digital marketing

professional with 15+ modules with cutting edge to give the latest industry insights and current trends. The modules are divided in three parts. The first part mentors and guides you through proper channels to execute the core process of digital marketing with various resources on digital platforms. The second part will guide you about the management skills about budgeting, allocation of resources in multiple platforms on social media, search engine, web analytics. The third part will be the review and evaluation process to ensure how effective your business is reaching the target audience and customer base so as to ensure maximum optimum utilization of your resources.


     1.Digital Marketing Overview 

        What is marketing 

        What is digital marketing

        Marketing process

        Why digital marketing good

        Understanding digital marketing process

    2.Website planning & Creation 

       Understanding websites

       Types of website

       Understanding hosting domain


       Wordpress installation

       Website designing

     3.Email Marketing 

       Why email marketing important

       How emails works

       Challenges facing in sending bulk Emails and overcome

       Setting up email marketing account

       What are autoresponders and settings

       Improving ROI and A/B testing

     4.Lead Generation 

       Understanding lead generation

       Why it's important 

       Landing page

       Type of landing pages

       Best practice to create landing page

       Creating lead and nurturing

       Understanding lead funnels

    5.Google AdWords 


       Understanding adwords algorithm

       Quality score

       Creating different type of ads

    6.Compleat Google Tools analysis

       Google Analytics 

       Google search console

       Google my business

       Google trends

    7.Social media Marketing


       Creating content for Social media


       Facebook Marketing

       Facebook Ads 

       Instagram Marketing

       Youtube Marketing

       Twitter & linkedin Marketing


    8.Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)


       Search engines


       Keywords planner tool

       On page Technique

       Off page technique

    9.Ecommerce marketing


       Top website around the world

       Seo for Ecommerce website

       E commerce marketing Strategies

       E commerce business

       Case studies

     10.Content Marketing 


       How to market your content

       20 way to write a magnetic headline

       Quora marketing 


    11.Work on live projects

       Social media Ads campaign 

       Google ads 

       Performance Analysis


     12.Adsense & Blogging 

    13. How To Grab Freelancing Projects?


Website Development

Social media marketer

SEO Executive Manager

PPC Executive/Manager

Email marketer

Work as Freelancer


There is no Eligibility for upgrading your skills or Business.

For job, purpose Company Requires Graduates or undergraduates.

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